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SOMA Computer, Inc. has been implementing quality network solutions since our inception. We provide technical services and support for LAN environments and the most intricate enterprise WAN environments. The Network Technology Staff at SOMA Computer, Inc. is trained and experienced and has the skills necessary for installing and maintaining today’s established and emerging technologies. Our staff is certified in numerous network operating systems and products including Citrix, Novell NetWare, Windows 2003-07/XP, HP Servers and Workstations, and Cisco to just name a few.

Our Sales Consulting Group specializes in technical hardware and software configurations. These specialists have a strong history of providing customized recommendations and solutions based upon their expertise in LAN/WAN network design. Working closely with our Network Technology Department allows for our "Team Approach" to network design, configuration, and implementation.
SOMA Computer, Inc. provides a wide array of network consulting services including system support agreements, network troubleshooting, infrastructure design, project planning and management, network analysis, remote management and help desk services.

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Philadelphia Office
P.O. Box 29275
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: 888-958-5628
Fax: 562-735-0755


HP Medallion Supplier

HP Platinum IPG Partner