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Since 1992, S.O.M.A Computer has served customers in government, higher education, legal and commercial sectors with advanced networking, hardware, software, and consumable solutions. With more than a decade of experience, S.O.M.A. Computer is widely recognized as a leader in providing cross-platform connectivity and advanced communications. You can count on S.O.M.A. Computer technical expertise to make your system work. We seek to ensure total customer satisfaction by REDUCING TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP AND RISK OF LOST UPTIME. When it's time to install your system or network, S.O.M.A. Computer delivers and installs turnkey solutions. S.O.M.A. Computer's engineers take care of everything, from pre-installing memory, internal boards, and software to pulling cable and setting up workstations. We perform thorough diagnostic and burn-in tests at our technical facility to make sure your system meets factory performance specifications before it's installed. We'll even install all your software and make sure it works right out of the box. Of course, you'll always have questions about your new order, that's natural. For advice and answers, S.O.M.A. Computer offers a full range of consulting and support services, including our help desk. We'll help you get it straightened out, often with just one call.

On target and on time:

The S.O.M.A. Computer method for achieving customer satisfaction is simple and can be summed up with just one word – reliability! It's this simple: we listen and we do what we say we're going to do- right on schedule. At S.O.M.A. Computer, we believe our relationship with our customers must work every bit as well as the products and systems we install.
S.O.M.A. Computer – The Right Prescription Every Time!

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